VGT 2020's lineup

I am pleased to present you the full line of VGT cars for 2020.
Here are hatchbacks, coupes, crossovers and even minivans!
VGT is character, reliability and attention to detail.

The modern lineup consists of:

  1. V2 (V20) - a hatchback golf class with a frisky character.
  2. M2 (M20) - a family hatchback for a family man who does not deny himself the pleasure of driving.
  3. V3 (V30) - the younger brother of the brutal V5 with the handling of V4.
  4. V4 (V40) - sophisticated handling and sportiness.
  5. F4 (R42) - V4 for those who are not averse to go off-road.
  6. V5 (V50) - the beast in the shoes of the liftback.
  7. F5 (R55) - V5 on anabolic steroids, with an application for off-road.
  8. V7 (V70) - comfort without compromise.
  9. F7 (R70) - a luxurious office with a large clearance.
  10. V8 (V80) - the top of grace and gran tourism.
  11. RF-Fighter - a sports car killer, merciless and cruel.