Vinson Dynamics

#Vinson Dynamics; a brief overview

1950 - 1974: Vinson Vehicular Research
1974 - Present: Vinson Dynamics

Pilot, Sedan: 6 Generations, first generation in 1953.
Spectre, ME sports: 4 Generations, first generation in 1980
Ogre, Truck: 5 Generations, first generation in 1955
Atlas, SUV: 2 Generations, first generation in 2007
Stryder, Hatch: 6 Generations, first generation in 1955

CEO: Darren Vinson
Head of Research: Jonas Kepili
Head of Design: Nikolas Filapi

1973 - 1990:
CEO: Ashleigh Vinson
Head of Research: Grahame Marder
Head of Design: Kris Huyven

1991 - Present
CEO: “Ash”
Head of Research: Miranda Slone (1991 - 2006) / Lisa Slone (2006 - present)
Head of Design: Wilson Harvey-Williams

###Small Tidbits
Major Plant in the south of Maine, USA, small overseas plant in northern France (Produces only Race/Track cars)
Built from an old Tractor Factory, and the original factory still stands to this day.
The entire Maine plant has minimal Human Input or Interaction, with 95% of work being completed by Robots.

Vinson dynamics has had runs and cars in various sporting series over the years. Most recently was a run in the ATCC, using a tuned Solo Beaver SSM. The team had a less than hopeful outing. Most famously, was their run in the 1986 World Rally Championship, where they took 2nd in class, using a Mk4 Stryder. Current motorsports include GP2, SuperGT (GT500 class), WEC (LMGTE-pro), and V8 Supercars.

###Cars to follow, at a later date, along with the entire history.


Name inspired by Volkswagen at all? Lol

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