Virginia International Raceway (Grand West Course)

Another American road course, Virginia International Raceway, has made an appearance in Automation! The first one is the Grand West Course, which is 6.6km (4.1 miles) in length and has a track record of 2:45.63 (165.63s) in a Corvette ZR1 (2012). The track should be done by tomorrow. I still have to fix the scale. Here is a preview of the track.

EDIT: Track is complete. I am actually pretty happy with how this turned out. It could be a little smoother in the esses, but not too bad. Track length is 6.56 km, a scad short of the 6.60 it needs to be, but with rounding it is still 6.6 km! :slight_smile: My time around the track was 3:24.72 (204.72s) in my test car (hardly a ZR1). (1.33 MB)

And a shot in the Track Editor:

Lovely, keep it up! This is the kind of footwork that builds great archives.

Indeed looks like we’ll have one hell of a track collection before the game even is released :smiley:

We might even be able to hold a “world series” later.

Track finished and added to the collection! :slight_smile: