Vision 2060 - The RoboRacers of Tomorrow [Submissions Closed]

The year is 2060 and you’re tasked with dreaming up the future of autonomous motorsport. Go wild.


This is the first time anyone has created a challenge about a racing series involving fully autonomous cars, especially since the new breed of vehicles you are proposing is meant to be capable of maneuvers too difficult and/or dangerous for a flesh-and-blood human to perform even with assistance.


are they purely circuit racers or can we build offroaders or rally cars?


Four wheel steering?


We will get to your answer soon, Chowi :wink:


I mean, you can…

But it doesn’t really make sense for race cars, the system would be quite heavy and doesn’t really provide an advantage when the cars already have extreme aero that allow for high G cornering.

Plus, 99% of tracks don’t have corners tight enough to justify using it lol

Doesn’t stop you from using it though obviously :wink:


active aero eg. fan?


naming scheme requirement?


Naming Scheme:

Oops forgot - basically this should be fine:

Car Model Name : Roboracer - [forum username]
Car Trim Name : [free reign]
Engine Model/Trim Name : [doesn’t matter]

Will update on the main post. As for your particular brand or model name, you can put it in your forum advertisement/showcase post too.


So the premise of the challenge was for full-on track weapons with no driver to hold it back - to come up with new and exciting technology concepts for maximum excitement in high-speed, smooth-surface racing.

Although there were no exact rules against the idea of an offroader/rally car, it would make it quite difficult to judge in terms of the “realism” and “creativity” (because we don’t want free creativity points just because no one else is doing offroad).

Another point is that most of the other entrants would look like this:


Which will be paired up to this:


So unfortunately while I do think that autonomous offroaders/rally cars are super cool, we will have to say:



Yep, that’s all welcome.

When I saw this thread of the first time, it reminded me of this column from several years ago:

The point of the above article is that fully autonomous racing could open up a whole world of possibilities that are out of reach with manned vehicles.


Following up from Ivan’s reply, this is an example of how you guys should be thinking. This challenge is a little different from most because I feel like looking for “allowances”, while not technically wrong, is not the right way to think here. This challenge isn’t just a beauty contest, it’s an exercise of creative yet logical design thinking.

To be clear and cover all future bases, the tech solution is free as long as it can be conceivably achieved in the next 35 years. (I like to look back on how tech was that many years ago to help think of the progression curve.) Implement anything you decide could give you an advantage in terms of performance, conceptual originality, etc.

With tech being free within those bounds, what matters is the reasoning and comprehension of what you’re actually proposing. Think of the tradeoffs of what tech you wanna use, and the impact to the design of the actual vehicle. Four wheel steering? no problem, but consider the benefits and tradeoffs in the context of high speed circuit racing. Nuclear car? Don’t forget radioactive shielding can be heavy, try and think about that. And so on. You are encouraged be as creative as possible within the bounds of the 2060 Roboracer concept, but what sets a good entry apart from a great one is its line of reasoning! Good luck all :smile:


is there any particular focus on livery creation, or (for people like me working in just 3d fixtures) are bare-carbon development-style cars okay enough?

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Unregulated - do it if you want, or not. This will mainly go under “aesthetics/style” category. How we’re going to judge is how well the “aesthetic” or “theme” of the car fits with the car itself or the lore of the car and how “attention-grabbing” it might be to the audience.

So if you’re going for a full realistic racing setup, it would be nice to have a livery with racing numbers and sponsors or team. If you’re going for a museum showpiece, no livery at all is fine, just body color, two-tone, or carbon, hopefully it is striking enough.

We want people to be be able to make both showy, flashy, striking cars with insane graphics or go for a more understated “stealth” look (which could still be striking!) with minimal graphics and do equally well.


The visuals are close


However, the whole is still close to modern times

Absolutely radical body shaping there.

Why does your roboracer looks like it has a cockpit for a pilot?


Because this was originally a prototype

Conceived by Spander Design for the Vision 2060 - RoboRacers of Tomorrow, WhiteVirgin paves a new future for autonomous racing vehicles.

Leading Edge AI technology

Her highly securitized OpenAI SHELLB-E™ 2.0 AI brain is deeply encased in her carbon nanotube chassis, making this proprietary technology accessible to only a few, hence her name, WhiteVirgin.

Racer at Heart

Her ultra-light carbon-fiber body and AWD 1000 HP + 1000 HP Twin Axial Flux Motors powered by a 10.000 kWh capacity Lithium-Sulfur Battery make her the ultimate race car, from speed to endurance. Her Fully-Articulating Hydraulic Multi-Link Suspension setup allows her to control any movement of the wheels in less than a micro-second making her the most capable Spander Race car to this day.

Autonomous Driving Sensor Suite

With her very capable AI brain comes her highly trained athlete body, covered with plenty of Radars and LIDARS sensors to make her aware of anything that surrounds her, she is capable of communicating in real-time with the Spander engineers and other racing tacticians. TV crews will be elated to learn they can access the live recording or her 360° Camera, now in 128K AlphaHD ready for worldwide broadcast!

Filled to the brim with top-notch technology, WhiteVirgin is ready to take on any race, on any road in any weather. See you soon on the race track!