Visually stunning car competition OVER FINISHED

[quote=“strop”]neat, a .gif! Though one might wish to increase the time between frames, as at default (100ms), staring at it for too long makes me dizzy :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the gif maker im using atm doesn’t support as many images so yeah until i find a better one im stuck with really crappy gifs

Two new submissions:


EDIT: I added detail pics

You can always edit the .gifs manually using something like GIMP, as there you can edit each layer such that it is labelled: “Layer x (replace)(200ms)”, and that’ll halve the playback speed.

Definitely going to be submitting something with the supercar body. I guarantee it will be like nothing anybody has ever seen around here!

just a quick question to Noporian: will you add some close-up photos of the cars too, so that people can take a closer look at what the cars look like from different angles? Because the .gif files are not only too fast, they are also not zoomed in enough to see the details.

Sorry it took a while to do this, but i took pics of all the new submissions.





New submision, the Sleipnir

The Sleipnir is actually quite hot! There are a lot of other good submissions, too, though.

I personally don’t like the Sleipnir that much. There are too many vents (presumably because the car is gonna have a serious amount of power) with no real symmetry. It would probably look better if everything were a bit more precise but overall it would still look extremely busy and not very elegant

I have to agree. While the complex lines show a true mastery of the game, I feel that more simplistic but significant lines make the car striking. I do commend such a bold choice to [color=#FF0000]whoever designed it[/color] (no idea)

I do love a good controversy, and judging from the appearance as well as the responses, Sleipnir’s gonna be just that. I’d say it was a case of somebody having a vision and trying to force the tools in the game to approximate that vision, as opposed to most of the other entries which are explorations of what the tools of the game have to offer.

[size=85]Have to add, though, I somewhat doubt that the designer of this lunacy was interested in garnering approval so much as generating a reaction lol[/size]

Might look futuristic in a good way in the game, but I’m afraid it’d look like Swiss cheese if you would have actual meshes in the grills (irl).
I like the organic lines in it, but I feel like the vents were totally overdone on other bits (such as rear), indeed an interesting design though, although I’d have liked more simplicity.

Due to creators request, more pics of Sleipnir.

You know those concept cars at events like Geneva that look totally crazy and no way they’d ever put them into production? That’s how I see this. Or maybe even, now I see where the lines are going based on the other angles of the rear, trying to capture the ‘organic’ flow of line in the folds of the skin, like the Furai or something. I just don’t see all of those being vents so much as trying to create grooves of lines. On the same token I note that several of the vents are awkwardly placed, I suspect it’s because there are certain places on that shell that you simply cannot place or move vents.

2 new submissions



This is the Fobia

This was exactly what I thought about it, too. I think it is simply awesome! Now, if they are ALL actually intended as VENTS, then I think the swiss cheese comment would most certainly apply. But to me it seems more like the black pieces on the new C7. They are highlights to give dimension to the shape of the body, sort of like mini accent walls in a room.

I personally find myself fancying the Halycon, it looks very subtle -with the exception of the chrome paint- but also aggressive, like a muscle car meets classy European coupe. I imagine it has a nice V-8 under the hood, but could also see a large-displacement Straight-6.

The Esoterica is also very nice, but a bit too absurd for my taste. Like it’s trying a bit hard.

Isn’t trying too hard or looking downright weird the point of this challenge? Look at any Pagani or Lamborghini. Do you think the creators of the Zonda or the Aventador gave themselves a firm, yet soft golf clap in recognition of their perfectly reasonable designs? Hello no. You don’t spend that much time or that big a wad designing the car of your dreams to be piratical. It should shout about it all. it should look wild and outlandish. Like it has god damned lasers and hyper-drive capability. It should make your inner 5 year old scream with awesome!

While what you say has some merit, I would argue, like any other medium of art, that there is a perfect center between the visually stunning and the overdone. This is not to say that any car here is bad, I actually find myself struggling to pick a winner for my vote, bit some are a bit more extreme than others. Cars like Pagani and Lamborghini make the perfect statement: They stand out from the rest with a unique style, but don’t intimidate them with concepts of automotive they find unappealing. When cars become too centered on making the design radical and shocking, you end up with cars like the Gumpert Apollo (I don’t think it’s that attractive) or even worse, the Pontiac Aztek. Again, I like the cars here, but I think a car that is visually stunning means something different to everyone. For me, a designer shouldn’t just think about shock value. A stunning car incorporates revolutionary style with a sort of classic grace. Take the Cadillac El Miraj. While this stunning car features designs seldom found on the road today, it still maintains classic values of car design: that arching C-Pillar or those razor-edged taillights. That’s what a stunning car is to me.

I agree with jhd. I’m gonna give you an example of two Lamborghinis to give you an idea of what i mean with stunning.
The Gallardo (be it the “normal” one, the LP560-4, or the Superleggera) is, in my opinion, one of the best looking cars ever. It’s striking, it’s aggressive, it’s crazy, but at the same time you notice a sort of elegance when you’re looking at its silhouette or when it’s standing still. That’s what a stunning car is to me.
The Egoista, on the other hand, is plain terrible. It looks like they were trying to find the ugliest of spaceships, then apply their classic Lamborghini-wedge style to it, and paint it in two colours that don’t go well together (grey and orange). Sure, everyone looks at it, but only for a few seconds until they can’t look at it anymore.

Also, i think there is a distinction between a “beautiful” car and a “stunning” car. For example, i think the BMW 8 series is a beautiful car. However, you can argue that the taillights look too ordinary (like the 3series and 5series) or that the headlights should be bigger, or that it’s too wide, and so on. So you can argue about whether it’s beautiful or not, and you can argue about it with yourself or with someone else. On top of that, i think you can use “good-looking” instead of “beautiful” if you think the car is not truly elegant but looks better than average.
That’s not the case with a stunning car, though. When you see a car that you find stunning, you don’t think about whether it’s stunning or not. You just go like “Woooow!!” For me, that was the case with the Ferrari F12, for example.
“Beautiful” implies elegance, whereas “stunning” is more about the drama, the theater, how striking the car looks but it still needs to go well together and have some elegance in it because otherwise we end up with something like the Egoista.