Visually stunning car competition OVER FINISHED


Congratulations to all of you for first place!
Here you can see how yours did:














Great idea! I’m excited to decide what to submit!

Love it. I’m in.

When you open the poll, you should make it so that people vote for the top 3 cars, otherwise everyone might just vote for their car and we might be stuck with a 20 person tie for 1st lol

I would say the easiest way to handle this is either that you can’t vote for your own car, or that the people who submit cars can’t vote.
And of course, i’m in as well :slight_smile:

[quote=“TheTom”]I would say the easiest way to handle this is either that you can’t vote for your own car, or that the people who submit cars can’t vote.
And of course, i’m in as well :slight_smile:[/quote]

No way to stop either from happening,

yeah but i don’t think there is a option to vote for more than one car in a poll.


We only vote once in a poll, and to end the problem with voting our own car: the contestants vote in their own car! At the beginning there is a draw, and later the further audience votes will decide the winner cars. Is it possible this way?


(well…if there is an audience (people that didn’t submit cars) :geek: )

Suggestion 2:

Making a poll for one car per day? That could take a month…

I’m happy this has gotten such positive feedback and i’ll consider the way to make the poll. :smiley:

Just a quick suggestion to do with the poll: Why would you need it as part of the thread? There are sites that allow you to create your own ones and you could link it to the first page. Make it nice and clear where it is and that this is where the poll is and you shouldn’t have any problems. That way you can set it up as you please. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t outside poll site be easily fooled with simple IP change? Infinite votes anyone? Forum is pretty good for this since it should be pretty easy to detect fraud, you know new accounts that signed up just to vote. I’m not sure who would even bother doing something like this though, it’s not like there is money on the line.

I have the same opinion, although it’s a “competition” i think that in this community, that wouldn’t happen…

Also, with the poll, do not post contestant names with photos, or it will become a popularity contest for the person. I run a Cobalt forum and we run into this all the time. It keeps the focus on the design rather than the person doing the design. :slight_smile:

I think that’s a good idea, but I also think some people’s designs are too recognizable. It’s sort of an inevitability.

Some people definitely have a distinctive design style, but others do try to mimic some aspects (like me for example). So you are correct saying “some” will be recognizable. But not by everyone, and not all of them. :slight_smile:

A very fair point! All-in-all none of this little complications should really be that big of a deal.

Also, and this may give away my strategy, but do we have to make a new car, or one that we’ve made and presented before?

Stunning, eh? This would be a good opportunity to present my most outlandish concept yet…

Are we submitting via PM only?

I updated the main post for more info on submitting:

1st submission: This is the Esoterica

neat, a .gif! Though one might wish to increase the time between frames, as at default (100ms), staring at it for too long makes me dizzy :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the tail lights… is that VosNox’s submission? They’re very Echo!