VM Design

Hello, my name is Hotgaf. I decided to call my company VM Design (Velocity Motors). My brand ranges from supercars and sportscars all the way to family SUV’s and Hatchbacks. My companies naming scheme is this first part is the type of vehicle C-Coupe S-Sedan E-Electric H-Hatch F-Family X-Supercars the next part is how much HP the car has (rounded off). After that it will either have FI or NA to show if it has forced induction or if it’s naturally aspirated (example X-730FI).

Our model range

                                                                                                             **Performance cars**

The first car is the C-360FI, this exciting RWD sports coupe comes packed with a Turbocharged 361 HP Inline-6 motor and only weighs 1400kg so that performance is always at it’s finest and this car will never leave you dissapointed. With a speedy 13.7 quarter-mile time you will leave all other cars in its price bracket in the dust. With the base model starting at $32,000 and our top end Tech Package model coming at an affordable $39,000.

Our next car is the X-770FI. This extreme supercar is paired with a 772 HP Twin-Turbo V8 that is complimented by 692 ft/lb of torque so that off the line you will be getting 0-60 in 2.8 seconds with our launch control systems and you will be ripping the quarter mile in 10.26 seconds. All of this paired with unmatched handling and plenty of aerodynamic advantage plus it’s sleek design is enough to qualify as a dream car for many. Pick yours up today at a sweet price of $435,000.

Family cars
The first car we have in our family range is the S-220NA. This family sedan is perfect for any family that needs a reliable, somewhat-fast and affordable 4 door. It has gas mileage of 27 MPG City and 34 Highway coming from it’s compact Inline-4 making sure you do not have to have a massive wallet everytime you need to fill up. This award winning sedan has top of the line comfort and technology coming standard with heated seats, power windows, 6 inch head unit with satellite navigation and more. Starting at just $19,000 you too can find out why so many people love this car.

The next car we have is perfect for a family of 3-5, it is the F-270FI. The F-270FI is a Crossover SUV that has plenty of trunk space and 5 seats so you can pack as much as you want for family vacations, the complex AWD system is perfect for any conditions whether it be rain, dirt or snow you will always have traction. The roomy cabin provides lots of legroom so that you are not cramped. The F-270FI has all the latest tech to make sure you are getting it all, it has a 7 inch head unit with accurate satellite navigation powered by google maps, the sound quality is crisp and smooth with adjustable bass and treble. The compact Inline 6 found in this car has a turbo for maximum fuel economy,it has 24 MPG city and 30 MPG Highway so you will not have to be making frequent visits to the gas station. The F-270FI starts at just $27,499 so pick it up today and you will not be dissapointed.