I’ve been making a few modern engines recently and I only just noticed despite VVT weighing and costing quite a bit, it still makes barley any effect on the economy or power curve… I don’t think I looked closely enough before, so I did a bit of research and I stumbled across something called “Variable Timing Control” (or VTC) which is basically VVL except it constantly adjusts the valve lift throughout the rev range which predictably, is currently used by Honda. I think this will be a great addition to the game. :smiley:

So the real questions really are:

  1. Does VVT make any effect?
  2. and can we implement VTC?

As in earlier posts, All ideas are welcome but enginedesigner doesnt have the priority anymore. In a later stage, perhaps yes, because it would require more balancing and development time, thus placing the release of the cardesigner even further back. Thats not what automation wants, but I think the audience even less, looking at the constant stream of people asking when it will release.

  1. Yeah we noticed that, too. In one of the most recent beta builds there was an emissions bonus added to VVT. So probably in one of the next patches VVT will be more useful than currently.

As the VTC question was answered, lets take a look at VVT:

That is using the latest beta build B238. I think the same calcs are in B1003. We doubled the effect at some point.
The graphs are all from the same engine. The upper graph is 0 cam, the lower one with 80 cam, with and without VVT respectively. The effect is very clear.

Edit: Der Bayer confirmed that indeed this magnitude of the VVT effect is new and not in the public build yet. So take this as a preview. ;-D

Going by this Hondas VTC is VVT under a different name.

do you have a rough idea when the next build will be rolled out then? a week, a month?

Sounds good :smiley:

P.S. I wasn’t trying to suggest to “set the car designer even further back” I was tying to suggest whether VTC can be implemented at a further time…