VVT RPM and sound

In the game, when the VVT starts working, changes the sound respect the lower RPM and the same engine without his system (like a VTEC engine?

And a suggestion: the game developers can put a RPM selector to decide since which RPM the system starts working (the same for the VVL)?

The RPM is automatically set to the optimal point.

Why would you want something different?

To set manually this point, to had preference some specs.

So you want to intentionally make worse engines just to have VTEC kick in? You can already alter the can switch point by altering cams, ignition, exhaust size. Also are you talking VVT or VVL?

Don’t you control when the second cam kicks in by using the cam slider?

But this is the cam profile, not the RPM settings.

So you are talking about VVL?

The VTEC (VVL or variable valve timing).

At least, make in automation a sound change when the system starts: youtube.com/watch?v=k15GF6bkLDM (in 0:48 the VTEC starts).

Well, VVL clearly doesn’t mean Variable Valve Timing.

VVT = Variable Valve Timing
VVL = Variable Valve Lift, sold by Honda as VTEC.

I-vtec is both variable lift and timing, but when someone says VTEC kicks in yo, we all mean the cam lift.


But this is the cam profile, not the RPM settings.[/quote]

A higher cam setting pushes the switch over higher in the RPM range, if the first cam is low. If the first cam is very similar to the second one then the effect will not be as noticable.

eg here the cam switch over is about 5000rpm. If I wanted to to move the switch over earlier and keep the same engine rpm range, I would lower the first cam profile. To move the switch over later, I would increase the cam profile of the first one. Changing the second one affects the engine’s RPM range, so unless you wanted to change that, you would keep the second one constant.