VW AEE 1.6MPi from Skoda Felicia '96

Hello everyone!
I am a newbie and I created an engine from my first car (VW AEE 1.6MPI) but I have a question. From en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_discontinued_Volkswagen_Group_petrol_engines#1.6_R4_48-55kW you can see, that this engine should have 55kW@4500 and 135Nm@3500 but I am not able to reproduce it. The only variables are Cam profile, Mixture and Ignition, because the others are known from technical documentation (f.e. compression ratio of 9.8:1)
Can anyone tell me how to shift the maximum of torque 900rpm higher and shift the maximum of power 300rpm lower?

Thanks a lot!

VW AEE 1.6MPIRev1.lua (39.5 KB)

What you want: 55kW@4500 and 135Nm@3500
What you have: 56kW@4500 and 131Nm@3500

Feels kinda weird to say that “you’re unable to reproduce that engine” in that situation.
you could try to go for a slightly higher cam (moving torque up) and then limiting via the exhaust a bit for example, but it’s basically impossible to get any closer than you already got. There are too many parameters that cannot be set to accommodate every engine there is.

Also, you’ve got the current year set to 2013 in the screenshot. It does reflect technological advance, and you really should to set it to 1996 or whatever the year of introduction of this engine was. [size=50]On an off-topic note, the original Skoda 1.3 MPi engine is better[/size]