VW secret test track

Do you want to test your cars in the same track where the Mclaren F1 broke the 390 km/h barrier? or where the Buggatti Veyron reached 407 km/h in Top Gear? Well, now you can, with the VW secret test track in Ehra-Lessien. It’s basically a 8.7 km straight with a couple of high speed banked corners, really simple. Enjoy!

Ehra_lessien.zip (911 KB)

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Niiiiiice! I’ve always wanted one of these

Great addition, now we can test all the cars that VW wouldn’t have wanted tested on their track LOL

This isn’t a secret track! (only it was secret during the II World War if I remember well). Now had the aerial space restricted.

Nice track, but tbh, I do not like that cars can fall from the narrow background image into infinity.