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Vyctor is a British near-luxury car brand founded in 1910, in Swansea, Wales. Vyctor is the flagship company of the Vyctor Group of automobile manufacturers, and makes a wide range of cars, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. They currently make the following cars;
150, Sporty premium city car (exclaim! model shown)

150X, Premium compact MPV (GT model shown)

350, Premium compact hatchback (SE model shown)

550 Magnette, Premium midsize hatchback

550 Tourer, Premium midsize estate

750, Luxury saloon

750 Estate, Luxury estate

Nunavut, Midsize Crossover SUV

S-15 Passenger, Premium people carrier

S-15 Cargo, Basic workhorse panel van

Swansea, Wales, UK
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Inverness, Scotland, UK
Guangzhou, People’s Republic Of China
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
El Paso, Texas, United States
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Johannesburg, South Africa
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Wellington, New Zealand
London, UK: World headquarters, Europe Headquarters
Vancouver, BC, Canada: American Headquarters (North and South)
Perth, WA, Australia: Oceanic and Southeast Asian Headquarters
Guangzhou, China: East Asian Headquarters
Mumbai, India: South Asian Headquarters
Johannesburg, South Africa: African Headquarters

You might want to hold off making the 2016 lineup just yet, since we’re about to have a whole bunch of events that will require your company’s attention in 2016.

Vyctor stand at Geneva, press day 1.

[quote=“Cranlet”]At the Vyctor stand, the new sedan version of the 350 is launched, along with the Inuvik 4x4, which slots above the Nunavut as a body-on-frame V8 SUV, rather than the unibody V6 Nunavut.
The 350 Sedan also features a brand new version of the A-Series 4 cylinder, displacing 1300 cc (Or 1.3 litres). This engine makes the new 350 rather fuel efficient, compared to other cars in the lineup.

Also at the Vyctor stand, are three classic cars from Vyctor’s past. Firstly the 1948 Seven.

Then there’s the 1948 Special

And finally, the ill-fated 1975 Princess, with it’s innovative gas suspension and tendency to rust straight out of the dealer. (The game glitched slightly with the Princess, so the stats aren’t visible. I’m just gonna paraphrase, they’re not very good.)

Also also at the Vyctor stand, three cars are under cloaks. Two are about the same size, small-ish, almost sports car like in profile. The other one is about the size of a midsize sedan.[/quote]