Walton Auto Group

Walton Motors was founded in 1929 by Roger Walton. His was a desire to build safe, comfortable, and reliable cars that the greater public can afford.

In 1946, after the American economy switched from wartime to peacetime, Walton created the Hampton brand in an effort to sell upscale premium cars to those finding themselves with extra income in the post-war boom.

Walton Motors

Focuses on affordable sedans, hatches, wagons, SUVs, and trucks.

Hampton Motors


Focuses on premium luxury for upscale consumers

(I may create a third brand that focuses on performance in the near future)

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Ehm… I have to annoy you again but the Wraith badge looks almost identical to Walton’s so I would maybe redesign it a bit to avoid confusion :rofl:

How similar is it?

Identical except for the triangle shaped things over the “W”. Now, if you still want to keep it, it’s fine with me, just saying so you know I was the first one in this case so there won’t be any unnecessary arguing later.

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Yeah, I can just see my Waltons confused for Wraiths if their logos are THAT similar since the only difference may only be seen upon a closer look.

Edit: Changed now

I already had a company that bore the Hampton name, but that was created for the now obsolete 4.1, not the 4.2 build that is currently in use, and is therefore no longer canon.


2019 Walton Toledo


1997 Hampton Charisma


It looks like the offspring of a Lincoln MkVIII and a pre-facelift Ford SN-95 Mustang. Speaking of which, there is a mod body that resembles the latter, so did you use it for this build? If not, then what body set is the Charisma built on?

Anyway, the Charisma lives up to its name on looks alone, and would be a great choice for an American personal luxury coupe. But what type of suspension and chassis/panel materials did you use? Also, what kind of engine lurks under the hood, what type of transmission is it mated to, and how much power and torque does it make? At any rate, I’m expecting the Charisma to be built on a longitudinally-engined RWD platform.

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That’s exactly what I was going for :smile:

It has a 5.3L V10 producing 319 horsepower and 336 lb-ft of torque, mated to a 5-speed automatic. And yes it’s longitudinally mounted and RWD.

As for suspension and chassis/body materials, it’s got a double wishbone at the front and multilink at the rear. Body’s made from aluminum, monocoque chassis from corrosion resistant steel.

Exactly what I was expecting. Considering its positioning, it deserves nothing less than a proper luxury interior and CD player. By the way, is the V10 an OHV or multi-valve unit? Also, what materials did you use for its block and heads?

Engine’s all aluminum, DOHC with 4 valves/cylinder

The new Walton badge looks really good!


1961 Walton Enterprise


One tip: Use the button to align the headlights to the horizon. Now they are staring down on the road instead of illuminating what’s ahead of them.


Thanks for the tip :+1:

UPDATE: Due to customer complaints, the Enterprise’s headlights now illuminates everything ahead and not just potholes


2023 Walton Adventure


First attempt at making an interior that I feel confident enough to share


1929 Walton Model 20