Want tips on car design

I look at all the cars people are making on automation. And they all look so freaking awesome! Then I look at my cars and wonder, “How can I make my car look interesting?”.

Does anyone have tips on how to make some interesting cars?

All of my cars look bland. I just don’t worry about it.

I can’t stress this enough: try overlapping grilles or try using vents for purposes other than being vents, for example I partially use the vents as headlights on most of my cars.

an addition onto what microwave said, i do use vents as surrounds for headlights/taillights to give it a more “unipiece” look, and i’m probably not too qualified for assistance since i’m only just starting to improve, you can try poking around with some of the open source cars and see how they made them

I make an “outline” of headlights with the regular rectangular headlights. I then fill it in with more rectangular headlights, and then magic happens.

Also, look at existing cars and compare to the one you made to understand the difference and the tricks to make it more realistic.

yeah. i’m probably not cut out for giving tips. but

how i do it is usually look at a couple of actual cars from the era, try to recreate them. just to get some inspiration.

that’s why… more often then not, my design actually have some unique ‘realness’ to them. because they’re base on real cars :smiley:

and not original design :frowning: