Wanted real life fords or toyota

OK I am going to ask (mods please let me know if this is not cool)

I am currently trying to find a 2 door xp falcon or a MK2 Toyota supra.(in Australia)
Drive line not important (i don’t care if it has no motor/box or diff)
Looking for cars that HAVE NEVER been painted aftermarket (paint condition not important its for a rat rod)
I have a budget of $10000 for the xp and $3750 for a Supra
Cheers guys

darn, if only it were for US, i see some MKII and MKIII supra’s rather often on craigslist

lol keep in mind my budget in US dollars would be $7500 for a xp and about $2000 for a supra…not a poxy fast&furious mk3. I have a 550hp 5.4 tunnel rammed mod motor to go in so motor mean sweet fa, and if I were in the US I could prob get a 5 xp’s for the price I will have to pay