Was the forum DDOS'd?

so for the fast couple hours i had a lot of trouble logging onto the forums, it wasn’t my internet (no i was not on dial up this time, instead i had 30 Mbps down on my wifi) so was the forum DDOS’d or something?

I dunno about a DDOS but I agree it was chugging a fair bit! And I can’t honestly imagine that it would have been overloaded from legit traffic alone.

yeah, impossible, because as the forum says, Most users ever online was 179 on Thu Mar 12, 2015 11:20 am, and that is not enough people to make the server chug

The entire website was down for me earlier, and then was just really slow, so it’s not just the forums. isitdownrightnow said it was down for everyone when I checked on there.

Yeah, occasionally the hosting provider has a little hiccup