We are in Jindabyne

Off to a bumpy start to our trip. Arrived in Canberra and picked up daffyflyer’s mx5 from his awesome mechanic friend Russell who is at Carco. He had been looking after daffy’s mx5 for a few months and and tuning the ecu.

He warned us that it piss all fuel, daffy ignored this and me, and we ran out of like 2 km down the road. Russell came out with fuel and off we went only for the mx5 to start stuttering losing power and basically coming to a stop. Russell kindly came out and replaced replaced the fuel filter. Mx5. Now much improved we started on our journey only for the mx5 to start stuttering agakn, so we headed to Carco’s workshop and spent 4 hours trying to resolve ecu issues, could not and are now running on the stock ecu, but is very drivable if a bit lacking in power at places.

Written on phone Soz for any incoherence.

Ah, tuner cars, aren’t they fun? :wink:
Still there is an aspect of adventure and uncertainty which I admire.

Oh my goodness, that car. Daffy will be home soon and saying, “So, can we spend money on a new ECU pleeease?” :wink:

hmm, seems like the guy overdid the fattening up of the engine… id at least wait a year or so to see if nothing else suffered…

Its some kind of issue with the ECU seeing a different coolant temp to what it actually is, and still did it with the old maps that it didn’t do it on before, am contacting ECU manufacturer about it.

adaptronic.com.au/forum/index.php?topic=3463.0 - if you are interested in the problem in more detail