Weight difference between Automation and BeamNG drive

I tested the weight of two cars between Automation and BeamNG. One car was 2199 lbs in Automation and gained 28 lbs going into Beam shifting the weight distribution from 35.8% front to 40.4% front. The next one I tested weighed in at 5656 lbs in Automation and gained a whole 409 lbs going into Beam for a weight there of 6065 lbs. I expected some weight difference for fuel and such, but how could the second car have possibly gained 409 lbs? It seems a bit much even accounting for fuel. If it makes any difference, the first car has 1 seat and the second car has 4 seats.


Maybe fuel, plus 4 passengers?

4 passengers at <50kg each?

fuel is magical and weightless in Beam, so it’s just the seats if not a scaling error.

I have never looked for if there’s a loading option in Beam, is there?


Breakable fixtures like wings and bumpers add weight.


Fuel definitely has weight, if you remove the fuel amount it’s noticeably lighter

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I ran some more tests based on the suggestions here. The test vehicle still gained 387 lbs from Automation to Beam with only the driver’s seat, so passengers aren’t included. I can’t find any options that would add weight in Beam. Fuel is indeed magical and weightless and fixtures did account for a bit of that weight, but only 14 lbs. Probably a quirk of the exporter/scaling error at this point unless there are any new ideas.