Weight increase in car trim for seemingly no reason

I copy a trim&variant of a car i have created and i change 3 things for the new model.

I increase boost from 14 PSI to 40.5
I increase fuel mixture from 14.8 to 11.1
I decrease RPM limit from 9000 to 8500

The engine weight stays at 230.5 kg the entire time
The car weight INCREASES from 1357 kg to 1447

Excuse me what the heck? My car just ate a grocery store somehow without my knowledge!

video for more detail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsIthK9YXYo

The Transmission

Whenever an engine increases in power, the transmission weight goes up to simulate a beefier transmission to handle that power.

This is especially apparent with the jump from 418hp to your 800+hp engine tune. The trans needs to be able to handle that double hp and the jump in torque.

The automatic and advanced automatics will probably show this the most, especially if they have a lot of gears (your car had an 8 spd adv. auto transmission)


I didnt know this, thanks!