Weird, Bad and Ugly Cars

And the Porsche badge on an “alternative” design of an Audi SUV, it’s even worse IMHO…

Well, if you can’t be innovative try to copy something that is!.. or not.

I’ve always hated these things…

flames? really?

wow. The model in the first pic is like “alright give me my check and get me the hell out of here”

Ive got some BUTT ugly cars for ya… :unamused:

Well, Spark IS ugly, but two other cars are not.

Spark is extremely ugly. PT Cruiser is even worse. Lagonda in that Pink is a crime and whoever did that to it should be shot. Lagonda in Black or British Racing Green looks beautiful.

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My wife wants a PT cruiser… I am glad i talked her out of it…

Not sure why anyone would WANT one. But good job lol

The Juke looks really really bad in pictures. But in real life it looks amazing. And I love it. And I feel bad for that. But I still love it. Also, make it white or black and then it looks just as good as it is fun.
But talking about ugly cars… I really want to like the Espada, but it still makes me ask myself “WHY ON GOD"S EARTH WOULD YOU BUILD THAT?”:

Also, on this one I might be biased a bit, but how the hell did Datsun manage to screw up the beautiful S30(240Z, 260Z) with the crappy 280ZX.


Lamborghini Espada is weird but not ugly, All of your argument is now invalid. Also, Juke is awfully ugly both in a flesh and in picture.


(Seriously, Don’t feel bad for Datsun, Juke is just awful).


The 280zx to me ruined the Z line up. The S30 was the best looking of all.

To this day I wish I still had mine :frowning:

I’m still looking to buy a S30 as a project car. But it’s such a hassle to ship it and find parts in Eastern Europe.

lot of old timers are really weird. some are weird by both today and yesterday standards :smiley:

Chevrolet Agile 2011 (Based on Corsa B, 1993 or 1994 I think)

Gurgel BR800

Volkswagen Brasilia

Fiat Panorama

Volkswagen Fox

Volkswagen Gol G4

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Gol and Fox aren’t that ugly This, however…

What in the name of Stephen Hawking is that?

This is Toyota TES Concept T-Sports. Its style is very…specific, isn’t it?

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Oh yeah…What were they thinking?

Yeah, they have just watched too much Star Wars.

its horrible