Wessex Performance Engines

We are Wessex Performance Engines - a subsidiary of Wessex Rallysport based in the North West UK and offering bespoke engine designs and tuning services for Motorsport Applications.

Product Catalogue

Banshee Series

  • 1.6L Turbocharged DI

ECU Files - TBC

Cyclone Series V8

  • 5.0L Stage One (342BHP) Tuning by RPG
  • 5.0L Stage Two (381BHP) Tuning by RPG
  • 5.0L Stage Three (438BHP) Tuning by RPG

ECU Files - WPE Cyclone.zip (95.9 KB)

Wyvern Series

ECU Files - WPE Wyvern.zip (77.3 KB)

Current Engine Projects

  • 1.6L Banshee - Fine Tuning to PRC Specification
  • RS1200 Research Project - R&D
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why is your economy expressed in lb/hph? how did you do that? :open_mouth:

I…uh…changed it to UK Miles per Gallon in Settings??? :confused:

Can’t be dealing with KM/H or NM so I changed everything to stuff I understand :wink:

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WPE are looking to recruit experienced tuners to oversee the evolution of our flagship Wyvern performance engine.

Our design vision takes into account three core principles - Performance, Reliability and Affordability. If you have the skillset to tune this engine to its full potential without modifying the internal components and sacrificing performance then do not hesitate to apply.

WPE Management

Which year span? KHT might send some engineers over for an experience exchange program.

Dear @squidhead,

Thank you for your enquiry.

WPE was established three days ago, so all engines will be modern specification. However there are always vacancies in our Historic Motorsport Division - building period replicas of classic race engines.


WPE Customer Services

2016 isn’t possible for KHT, sorry. All collaborations already booked through out the year.

The dozen or so people left in Redhawk Performance Group are a bit bored, so they would be happy to have an excuse, err reason, to work on something, anything.
(American Eagle Automotive, the parent company of RPG, doesn’t have much going on in the modern era, especially since the massive failure they had in 2006.)

RPG is also highly trained in historic engines, as history was taught along side cylinder head design.

Inline Designs may have something for you :wink:
Feel free to check out our portfolio here: Inline Designs - open source engines and consulting

Dear @findRED19 & @phale

Thank you for your enquiries.

We have a number of projects in the pipeline at present - both modern and historical.

  • Refinement of Wyvern 2.5L Design (Clone of Millington Diamond)
  • Sidewinder XS+ V8 Engine Development (Clone of Bowler Wildcat Engine)
  • Switchblade S2000 - Super 2000 Specification Engine Development (Possibly a detuned Wyvern)
  • “Historic” Ford BDA 1.6L Rally Engine Development (Mk1 Escort RS1600 Works Rally Car)

If you see a project from the list above that interests your team, please reply in the thread.


WPE Customer Services

Inline Designs would be interested in working with your Wyvern!

Dear @phale,

An example engine has been sent to your workshop.


WPE Customer Services

RPG is a specialist in V8 design, they would be very excited to tune the V8.

Dear @findRED19,

The prototype engine has been delivered to your workshop. We look forward to seeing what you can do with our design.


WPE Customer Services

Question for you, do you make engines for cars in the 1970’s? I am looking for an engine that can meet my specifications for a car I am trying to build. Specifically a V8.

Dear @Ka1idor DSD would love to be involved in your “Historic” Ford BDA 1.6L Rally Engine Development (Mk1 Escort RS1600 Works Rally Car). We are a Modern manufacturer and our CEO has a passion for fords