Western-Regional Heavy Industries

Formed in Idaho in 1999, Western-Regional Heavy Industries specialises in semi-cab trucks on heavy duty, bulky Utility chassis.

The first trucks to be built on the FX chassis of trucks were first produced in 2001, starting with the FXC500 V8, the mid-range truck at the time.
Featuring a modular and powerful 6.2 “CG300” V8 engine mated to a AlliGear 5 speed manual gearbox, with prices starting at $105,000

Next up in 2002 was the FXB500, the slightly smaller one in the range with a CG240 V8, a detuned CG300 from the earlier FXC500. This model came with a choice of 4-speed automatic or 5 speed manual.
Prices started at $92,300.

In 2004, a need for a larger truck was acknowledged, and as a product the FXD500 was created.
This beefy truck featured quad fuel tanks for longer trips, a choice of 5-speed automatic or 5-speed manual gearbox, and an even more powerful CGF420 V8 with a turbocharger to boost fuel economy. That combined with the sleeker wind cover on the windshield and a nicer hood vent array.

Prices started at $140,000.

The lineup so far…


After the huge success of the FX series trucks, a propositioned lighter Pickup truck was designed for the more easy-going consumer, one that wants better fuel economy but still retaining the high cargo capacity.

With a lower capacity however high-power 290hp 5.5L “MC290” V8, the Western-Regional 5500 series started off with a SWB and LWB variant that were priced at $15,900-$17,400.

The older generation FXC500 looms in the background.


In 1993, the Western-Regional Carry was developed specifically for military/tourist use in the California suburban area. This little scamp could carry from 3 to 9 passengers with varying amounts of cargo space.
Featuring a 20hp Electric motor with a smooth CVT transmission, this municipal machine may be small, but useful in big fleets.

A cargo variant was also used in Zoos and Museums of the area.

These small Carry light vehicles were retired in favour of the Capsule-Carry.


The FX line reminds me of a 2005-08 Navistar International XT (Xtreme Truck). Here is a detailed description of what would ultimately be the largest truck ever to have been sold in North America:

These were definetely an inspiration, as i think they look cool-ish

With the fleets of Carry light vehicles slowly dying to old age, a replacement was in order.

With a new 50cc engine option available, the 2003 Western-Regional Capsule-Carry rolled onto the scene as both a petrol or electric people-carrier, carrying a improved total of 10 passengers and a small amount of under-seat storage and easier access with a side step.

Based on a long-wheel-base Carry, the longer length of the vehicle allowed for a larger fuel tank or larger batteries to sustain a longer trip around perhaps, an airport or a holiday resort.

Prices on retail started at $18,600, although bulk discounts were available for large corporations or companies upon request.

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In 2014, a rebadged variant of the FXC500 was released under a Russian export subsidiary called "Eastern-Regional, in a bid to win over the Russian truck market, but people didn’t buy it and favoured the several KAMAZ, MAZ and other domestic trucks.