What are you listening to right now?

A very good version of Ruby Tuesday IMO.

I have loved this one since before I start to remember, for some reason.

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Music helps me concentrate. It inspires me to make new achievements and new goals that I set for myself. But lately, I don’t listen to music because I’m preparing for the most important exam in my life. So I try to have less fun and work more. Now I have very little time left, I need help to write a short letter, so I am using a statement of purpose writer so I can relax a little bit and listen to all the new stuff I missed. I’m looking forward to this moment.

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Haiduk - Sea of Fire

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An absolutely great song with an utter bonkers video.


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I like music a lot. Most of the time I listen to it when I’m driving in the car. And I can afford to listen to absolutely any music, regardless of the genre or year of release. I’m an avid music lover in that respect. But lately, I often listen to educational podcasts in the car instead of music. Since I’m more interested in personal development. I feel withdrawn and not sociable person. Therefore, on the advice of an audio podcast decided to get acquainted with new people. While I am training on an online dating site https://hookup-insider.com/reviews/adultfriendfinder, in the near future I am planning to get acquainted in real life. After improving this skill, I will definitely go back to listening to music.

I got these the other day, big fan.

The music is reversible, but time is not! Turn back, turn back, turn back!

A tasty album cover and my favorite version of the song. Not that the Misfits did a bad job or anything, they go hard too.


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Twongi music

My favorite Paula Abdul song:

Solid Base - Mirror Mirror