What are your favourite car-related YouTube channels?

I think this has never been asked in the forums so, I thought it might be a good idea for us to share some of our favourite YouTube channels and maybe get to know new content creators who we might be missing out on.

My top 5 list is (without taking into account Killrob’s and the game’s official channel :wink:):

  • Doug DeMuro (and More Doug DeMuro).

  • Hoovies Garage.

  • Engineering Explained.

  • VisioRacer.

  • AlfaGuy.

What is your top 5 list?

PS: If this kind of topic, somehow, isn’t allowed here and is categorized as spam, I’ll have no problem in deleting it as soon as you ask me to.

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No particular order

Chain Bear F1

Doug DeMuro

Engineering Explained

Goodwood Road & Racing

Jay Leno’s Garage


Other than the more popular guys like Doug DeMuro, RCR and what not. My favourites include Scotty Kilmer for his old-man rants, Rich Rebuilds for being a hands-on EV youtuber that exposes Musk’s/Tesla’s bad business practices on the regular while doing DIY repairs and, Fully Charged for giving good recaps on EV news and having videos on a bunch EV DIY stuff.


I’m a fan of RCR, Hoovie, Doug, AutoExpertTV (John Cadogan), and Donut Media, just to name a few. Most of what I watch is either cars or retro tech.


Can’t believe I’ve missed it out. It’s funny how badly memory works sometimes. I’m definitely a huge fan of Brian’s content.

Phil Collins is great, especially how much he likes to pick fights in the comment section.

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I like, in no particular order, these guys:

  • Hoovie’s Garage
  • Regular Car Reviews (who doesn’t love poop jokes?)
  • Aging Wheels (I’m a sucker for restoration/rebuild channels)
  • VisioRacer (mostly only for the bike videos nowadays)
  • Tavarish (stayed for the Lambo rebuild series)
  • ChrisFix
  • Petrolicious (cinematic car videos = nutte)
  • Fortnine (because bikes, and the cinematic quality is almost rivaling Top Gear)
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Hoonigan, Donut Media, Racing Fail, and Cleetus McFarland are the only ones I watch consistently. Watch the odd RCR and Gears & Gasoline video too.

RCR and Jay Leno’s Garage are my 2 faves.

Among my favorites are Jay Leno’s Garage, Doug DeMuro (and its sister channel, More Doug DeMuro), Carfection, Petrolicious and Engineering Explained.

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MarvDogger2 (get the nut ready)


I subscribe and regularly watch only Engineering Explained, used to subscribe Visio too, but then got annoyed by misinformation, lack of ideas and stereotype thinking. Occasionally (quite rarely) I watch Petrolicious and Carfection videos when they appear in my recommendations. I definitely dislike Scotty Kilmer.

And that’s about it when it comes to English speaking channels - there are some Polish ones on the list though. I subscribe KickSter (I don’t think he has English subtitles) and Złomnik (possible here, especially since he made a video in English once or twice), pretty regularly watch Blogomotive (no idea about subtitles), sometimes AutoCentrum/Zachar OFF (same person; I think AC might have English subtitles, it’s a very professional channel and site, and AFAIR there were some videos in English) and occasionally MotoDoradca (less plausible than in AC’s case).

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Doug Demuro, Donut Media, and my occasional Alfa Guy

These are currently my most watched car-related YouTube channels:

Hoonigan Bonus
Car Throttle
Mighty Car Mods
Misha Charoudin
Boosted Boris
Chain Bear F1 (including his videos on the motorsport.com channel)

There are also a couple of gaming YouTubers that focus on car-related games that I watch as well:

Jimmy Broadbent
Don Joewon Song
BlackPanthaa (Not as often now)
JackUltraMotive (Sometimes)


Scotty Kilmer (Rev up your engines!)
Engineering Explained
BlackPantha (occasionally)
Failrace (hello, hello and welcome to the shoooooow)
VehicleVirals (< a new channel that popped up recently)
Car Throttle
Donut (ofc)
Shifting Lanes (sometimes)
RegularCars (occasionally)

Jeez… and that’s probably not everything either…

I’m probably the only person who doesn’t like RCR very much. Not sure about his content nowadays but a couple of years back he used to contradict himself and get stuff wrong many times.

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VisioRacer, Alfa Guy, PowerArt (very good to be a Spanish motor channel), Petrolhead Garage, Coches.net, Option Video, Best Motoring, and of course, our channel: Rising TV (alert: spam :joy:), ChainBear F1, and MCM.

My favorite YT automotive/motorsport related channels are:
Efe Uno - Everything about Grand Prix Racing (in Castillian Spanish, of course)
19Bozzy92 - Historic racing videos 24/7
ABB Formula E - One of the most exciting Open-Wheel Racing series in the world. (They’re all electric BTW)
Auto Addiction - The best Amateur Racing at the infamous Nürburgring’s North Loop.
BIGFOOT 4x4 - No introduction needed
Blend Line TV - The best of Australian motorsport all the time
CompetitionPlusTV - Some of the best doorslammer drag racing in the USA
Donut Media - Anything and everything about our automotive culture.

…and a lot more…

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Aging Wheels (Miscellaneous projects consisting of old or odd shitboxes)
Big Al’s Bike and Auto (Car flipper with a bunch of malaise era projects)
Doug Demuro
Engineering Explained
Fuel Injection Sucks (Projects mostly consisting of turbocharging old carburated V8s)
Fuzzy Dice Productions (Projects including engine swaps, rebuilds, and some fabrication)
Hoovies Garage
Jay Smart (Periodic projects and junkyard recon)
Legit Street Cars (Mostly projects consisting of 90s and 2000s Mercedes-Benzes)
Project Farm (Testing various products such as fuel, engine additives, and tools)
Regular Car Reviews
Restore It (Big project of restoring an E30 325i)

Regular Car Reviews
Fuel Injection Sucks
Sloppy Mechanics
South Main Auto
Scanner Danner
Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics
Engineering Explained
Redline Reviews
Matt Maran Motoring
Humble Mechanic
Ambuchannel 112
The Topher
Winding Road Magazine
The Smoking Tire
Dash Cam Owners Australia
Finnegans Garage
Brave Auto International
Pacific Coast Auto
Chris Fix
Legit Street Cars
Gears and Gasoline

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