What do these car companies do?

I’m on sharing forum here and there’s a lot of threads for car companies people have made and a car company directory? What do I have to do to manage a car company, do I win any prizes?

To manage a car company you need to come up with one. The only real prize is satisfaction and fun :stuck_out_tongue:

How do I come up with a car company? What regulations do I need to follow? It sounds very complicated.

how do i come up with a car company?

pick a name, location and the general idea and off you go

what regulations do i need to follow?

if you are placing thatt company in the IRL world, then it makes sense to at least vaguely follow vehicle regulations for the time and market you are selling to

if in the Automationverse, said regulations are even more vague

What kinds of location can I pick? General idea? isn’t it just cars. I don’t know about car companies that much haha.

Well, it is, but usually different companies make different types of cars. For example, Bentley makes luxury cars, which means they aren’t going to make minivans and small city cars. And Skoda makes budget family cars, so they wouldn’t be taken very seriously if they tried making a hypercar.

That said, both Bentley and Skoda are owned by the same Volkswagen Auto Group. If you don’t want to commit to only making a certain niche of cars, you can just make several car companies in the same thread and say they’re all owned by the same massive corporation. It’s kind of how my company works:

My company thread

There’s a main brand for “nice” American cars - kind of like a mix of Pontiac and Oldsmobile - which I call Arlington; a cheaper brand called Callahan, which is like Chevrolet, a couple of more expensive and sporty brands, and finally a foreign (German) brand called Waldersee that sells cars that kind of feel like a mix of Opel and BMW.

Actually, that paragraph kind of explains how you’d think of making a company: Just combine some traits of a couple of real-life companies, come up with your own name and backstory, think if there are some cool engineering choices you’d really like to see in a car and voila. You have yourself a car company of your own. Make a first car for it, receive feedback from us other community members, and keep growing.

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Wow that’s so cool! Why does all your company names sound British when it’s in the United States?

btw, is there a limit to what country I should make my company in? I don’t know a lot about cars so maybe the different won’t matter, but I was planning on moving countries soon, so I’m not sure if any country is fine?

Well, I named the American ones after American cities, towns and counties, and US placenames usually are English in origin. Here in Texas it’s a mix of English, German, and Spanish.

There is almost no limit on your company lore, if you really really wanted it you could put it in North Korea. However, many countries that produce cars in real life have stereotypes associated with their cars due to their domestic sales strategy: for example, if your brand is American its cars will be a bit big for their segment and have automatics on most trims, as well as engines that are big but lazy. European cars - especially luxury and supercars - will have tons of technology… Soviet cars will be cheap and reliable but, uh, still bad. And it’s usually better to make sure that your company either follows these principles or has a good reason to avoid them.

Which country are you thinking about?

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Wow, do people just put their car company in any country? I thought that might be a bit hard since the culture and design would be different! I have no idea!!!