What exactly is VVT and VVL

What exactly is VVT and VVL?
Is there any real disadvantages?
Does most cars nowadays?

It’s just that there is not much about VVT on the internet and almost nothing about VVL… And frankly I can’t be bothered to look at 50 webpages :wink:

VVT is Variable Valve Timing and VVL I think is Variable Valve Lift its something to do with a VTEC engine but the link below should help you out


Cheers Juno… It also says on the link about retarding valve timing for improved responsiveness on cold starts and stuff about controlling oil pressure…

Proper VVL is explained here (and why its better than VVT)

neovvl.com/index.php?option= … Itemid=124

Isn’t that like saying “Here is an apple, and why it is better than a banana.”? VVL and VVT do different things after all…