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What have we been doing?

We have been doing some significant design work, mainly on how the research and parts system interacts.

Daffyflyer has started on the daunting task of modelling engine blocks, top ends, headers, intakes, cylinders etc (As a bit of a change from the buildings). He calculated that he has to model 40 odd separate exhaust manifold combinations. I don't envy him at all, but I can't even begin to estimate the lines of code I will require.

I have created a parts/research hierarchy tool. For creating and maintaining giant part trees. For spreadsheet Monkey Daffyflyer to use, as well as the community.

It will be released to the community, once the research/parts system is fully tied down to a point we are confident that it won't change. Which could possibly be a few months, once the game is in a fully playable state and there is nothing we have missed.


Hi, i’m a mechanical engineering student who just discovered that automation is not available on Mac, :frowning: . I understand a stable port for this may be difficult to make given the fact that the game is still being develloped. However, with a Mac port a larger customer base would be available, allowing for more revenue and overall a better game. I strongly urge the devs to follow through on the Mac port because I know of many other students who would be interested in moddeling a prototype car using this game. All I hope is that a Mac port is put on the front burner sometime in the near future. Keep on the hustle dev’s ~

What the hecc, better score :joy:


Wow, a brand new necromancer has appeared!

Seriously though @theguy the first thing you should do when joining a new community is read the rules and FAQ.

(and possibly not bring the oldest thread alive again)