What is 'Modern' OHV?

What characterises modern OHV so that it forms a distinct valve train type in the game rather than having the base OHV improve in performance over time? Has OHV improved in performance greater than other types and so had to be segregated in this way so that old OHV designs wouldn’t have an unbalanced boost in performance over time?

I also read that MOHV used to have variable valves of some sort, will that ever return or is it considered too unbalanced or something?

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Something that won’t be in the game at launch :stuck_out_tongue: in the engine designer revamp it will be removed as it serves no real purpose (neither now, nor it would then). :slight_smile:


Does this mean that ohv daohc ect will evolve over the years to the standard of modern ohv as it is ingame atm or will ohv remain fairly shite as a whole?

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He said in the engine designer revamp video that it would be easier to make pushrod engines rev.

Yes but what i am asking about is overall performance, economy, efficiency, emissions. As the years go by will these attributes change to evolve into something like the modern ohv we have now? I never asked about rpm and personaly I am inclined to beleive as a whole high rpm sports engines will play a very small role in overall gameplay but efficient low emission engines would make up a much larger part of the game. Or I could be completely on the wrongtrack.

edit. Killrob I am aware this is a low prioity issue I am curious is all

Modern OHV was done because the base OHV is very meh currently and makes it hard to recreate modern performance OHV engines, especially because they tend to have fairly massive valve float issues.

But considering that issue also exists for replicas of 60-70s high performance OHV engines, modern OHV doesn’t really fix the problem 100%.

The kind of OHV engine you could find in some cheaper cars during the last 20 years like the GM 122 are IIRC reproducible using the regular OHV already.

The high revving engines can be found in markets as Japan: Taxes based on engine volume.
Therefore, if you get 125 hp out of a 7800rpm 1.6l engine, instead of a 5800rpm 2l engine(as in Europe) you get much lower taxes on your car.

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So what is the consequence of MOHV being dropped? Do we have to use the valve quality slider to achieve high performance? Variable valves for pushrod is permanently gone?