What is the point of the "super light" interior?

… given that it it is always HEAVIER than the basic interior, by roughly 20%.

I suppose a basic interior that you would find in a say a base Dacia Sandero would weigh less than the interior found in a McLaren P1 or something like that. The interior of the Dacia is covered in thin, rough, plastics whereas in the super light interiors of hypercars you get lightweight quality materials such as carbon fibre and such. That is the only reason I can think of.

It gives you a lighter option with higher prestige and a bit more confort.

I’d personally say “basic” is more like what you’d find in an old Lotus Elise: pretty much nothing but a tachometer, speedo, fuel gauge. With the dash made from sheet metal.

Im not sure if super light should have more prestige or comfort(?) than premium. I can’t recall which one it was exactly - a McLaren p1 wouldn’t be as comfortable as say a premium car… Or would it?

SuperLight is the kind of interior used in supercars with carbon fiber high quality interiors.
Basic is cheap plastic and unconfortable cheap seats.

Although agree that the super light interior should be lighter than basic and the weight of the superlight interior should decrease with quality instead of increasing.
Right now the way to get the lightest interior is to go with the basic with -15 quality. I think the lightest interior should be the superlight with +15 quality.

wheres the line between sacrificing all for lightness ala a Porsche 911 GT3RS vs a still crazy light interior like a Honda nsx which still allows some creature comforts? Both would quality as superlight in game but their level of comfort vs lightness are very far apart.

I don’t think a cheapy econo car interior is nessesairly all that light weight. It’s just cheap with low end materials.

True, but a less well-built interior with cheap, flimsy materials, will weight less than a solid interior with high-quality materials.

I’ve always held it in my mind that “Basic” interior is stripped out to near-racecar levels. IE, bare minimum in terms of everything. Whereas standard is more what you get in a lower-class vehicle, just with less tech points toward it!

In short, Superlight is your fancy techy stuff like in say, a Pagani or Koenigsegg. But basic is your “Oh my god what have I gotten myself into” stripped out interior that even a 60’s beetle would be ashamed to have.

My real life comparisons:

Basic: Nissan Versa

Standard: Ford Fusion/Mondeo

Premium: Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Luxury: BMW 5/7-Series

Superlight: Ferrari 458

Hand-Crafted: Bentley Mullsane

I agree with the idea that super light exists as looking outwardly like a stripped out racer, but with luxurious touches that make it comfortable. The prime candidate for poster child of that group, in my opinion, would be the Pagani Huayra.

Wait, is it really that much heavier? That sounds like something isn’t right there…

Super-light should be significantly heavier than basic. The perfect comparison is F40 vs. F50, the former having a “basic” interior and the latter sporting a super-light interior. Super-light is as heavy as standard, but uses lots of expensive materials to offer that level of prestige. For balancing reasons it HAS to be heavier than basic, otherwise we’d need one more option called “stripped” or something. :slight_smile: Just look how damn heavy modern “super-light” cars are! We need to get that weight from somewhere :wink:

Maybe rename “Basic” to “Stripped” then? The current names sort-of imply that “Basic” is a fairly standard choice.

I would have said “Standard” implies that.


True, but a less well-built interior with cheap, flimsy materials, will weight less than a solid interior with high-quality materials.[/quote]

But for that you already have the quality slider. You can pick standard interior, lower the quality and it will be lighter than the basic interior with regular quality.

But what’s wrong is that the superlight interior increaes weight with the quality increase. That isn’t right. Supercar interior are actually lighter when they have better quality because the engineers spent more time focusing on that.
I learnt on my engineering classes that whenever you are designing/engenieering a part you have to have in mind the intention of project. In the case of super light interiors the intention would be to create light interiors, as such, all the extra engineering you put into it should be reflected with a lighter interior.

For me the correct would be the superlight interior decreasing weight with the increased quality but comfort remaining unchanged.

That is an interesting point (increasing quality mking it lighter), but something else would have to be sacrificed then, probably the prestige and comfort bonuses going higher. Then again, that would kinda kill it, because it cannot get lighter than “basic/stripped”. Difficult to balance right.

Just thinking “aloud”, perhaps the super light interior would be better named ‘Sport’, thereby removing any weight expectations.

Not a bad thought, naming that one Sport doesn’t raise as many eyebrows then when it is as heavy as the standard interior. :slight_smile: