Whats the biggest engine bay car body in automation?

So, i’m pretty new to automation and currently i’m trying to make a super-ish car with a giant engine.
I would really like to know what body has the biggest engine bay.

I had good luck with the 2010 Coupe. Got a 6.0L V12 making 1500HP. Don’t know if that is strictly the largest engine bay, but the best I have found for production hyper-cars. A higher displacement could fit without turbos.

There is the Evil Roadster in the Workshop. You can put up to 4000hp in it.

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If you look up Bshar Nasri on YouTube, he makes some pretty big (insane) engines. I’m sure he’s covered it.

The 2006 super longnose body can fit a 1200 cui v16, makes enough torque to overpower a sequential easily but u can probably manage 6-7000 bhp if you use lighter billet parts and titanium conrods

That person hasn’t logged onto the forum for almost 5 years, you really think they’re gonna see your advice?

Posting in long dead threads is usually pointless :stuck_out_tongue: Also, I wonder, how do people even find some of these?

Usually thru a google search, i was looking for a lightweight body to use for a tt boxer 6, managed to pull 1.8 cornering gs on soft race slicks didnt need the info i found