What's the next update going to consist of?

What’s the next part of the game they will be updated? Interior options? Tycoon base? I saw in another post your won’t make new engines until after the tycoon gets done.

And I won’t directly ask when it will be released, but do you have a goal date? :smiley:

As far as I understood, a little finetuning and cardesigner stuff. and then mostly the tycoon part.
And for the date, I do not know. In my opinion it’s; When it’s done :stuck_out_tongue:

Did i read somewhere about a small update this wk or next wk? If so, what’ll be in that?

We will do some much needed patching to fix the problems people are experiencing right now, no new content there!
The next bigger update will be about suspensions and aerodynamics, as well as implement the Automation OST :slight_smile:

I think I’m going to miss the 1st track the game opens with - I liked that one. Has it got a name?
although I can do without the one that’s shared with sim city 4 confuses me hearing that one, lol

Aerodynamics could be fun… or a PITA if I have to redesign all my cars :smiley:

What is OST?
And is that content update aimed at 2013 release or a little into 2014?

OST = Original Sound Track

If I remember correctly.

Yes, the new soundtrack, made for Automation exclusively, including such things as AWESOME 1941 track and AWESOME 1981 track

Lol awesome :slight_smile:

YES! I hope there’s some tracks from daffys livestreams :laughing:

Well, there will be the tracks that I played on the livestream that are from the soundtrack! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome! from what i heard in the Little Dev Updates, the OST is veery nice sounding :smiley: