What's this error about?

Exception: Lua Function Call: CalculateHeadEngineeringTime CalculateHeadEngineeringTime: …ared/functional/COMMON/CEngineCalculator_Engineering.lua:174: attempt to index field ‘BlockMaterial’ (a nil value)
Stack Traceback

(1) metamethod C function ‘__index’
(2) Lua function ‘?’ at file ‘scripts/shared/functional/COMMON/CEngineCalculator_Engineering.lua:174’ (best guess)
Local variables:
self = table: 0x024ef3b57940 {CalculatorGUID:D3257A704DBDE1D6B99B1DBCD0D0FA1F, Database:table: 0x024e0dd4ff40 (more…)}
engineeringGroups = nil
head = table: 0x024e0f12ee80 {BlockAdditive:1, ToolingGradeLookUp:table: 0x024d974ef430, Emissions:table: 0x024d974eda60 (more…)}
valves = table: 0x024e0f123d80 {ValvesPerCylinder:2, AirFlowGrade:2, MeshPart:2, Name:ValveCount_2_Name (more…)}
headMaterial = table: 0x024e0f12b580 {YearUnlock:1920, BestEmissionsMulti:1, ToolingGradeModifier:-1, EngineeringGradeModifier:-1 (more…)}
mixedMaterialMulti = number: 1
(*temporary) = string: “CastIron”
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = table: 0x024e0f125380 {Tutorial:Head Material, Parts:table: 0x024e36cab140, Name:HeadMat_Name (more…)}
(*temporary) = table: 0x024ecd110d40 {Tutorial:Head Material, Parts:table: 0x024ecd11d840, Name:HeadMat_Name (more…)}
(*temporary) = C function: next
(*temporary) = table: 0x024e36cab140 {1:table: 0x024e0f12b580, 2:table: 0x024e0f12ab80, 3:table: 0x024e0f041640 (more…)}
(*temporary) = userdata: 0x7fff00000004
(*temporary) = number: 3
(*temporary) = table: 0x024e0f041640 {NoiseMulti:1.01, YearUnlock:1996, ToolingGradeModifier:1, Name:EngHeadMat_AluSil_Name (more…)}
(*temporary) = boolean: false
(*temporary) = number: 1.25221e-311
(*temporary) = table: 0x024ef3b57940 {CalculatorGUID:D3257A704DBDE1D6B99B1DBCD0D0FA1F, Database:table: 0x024e0dd4ff40 (more…)}
(*temporary) = table: 0x024e0f041640 {NoiseMulti:1.01, YearUnlock:1996, ToolingGradeModifier:1, Name:EngHeadMat_AluSil_Name (more…)}
(*temporary) = string: “Family”
(*temporary) = number: 5
(*temporary) = boolean: false
(*temporary) = number: 0
(*temporary) = number: 1.25195e-311
(*temporary) = string: “attempt to index field ‘BlockMaterial’ (a nil value)”

BP CallStack
Unable to display Script Callstack. Compile with DO_BLUEPRINT_GUARD=1

This is what I got for when I was making an engine, and I was wondering what this may be about.

Is your Sandbox.db file corrupted? If so, deleting it may do the trick - but make sure to back up your .car files first.