What's wrong with this?I need help

I’ve been working on this problem several days.After the upgrade,whenever I had my new vehicle done,THERE ARE NO INFORMATION ABOUT THE GEARS EVEN WHEN THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH MY CAR.That’ very annoying, I can’t export or even save my vehicle and my engine.If you have any suggestion for me, please send an e-mail to 1295865788@qq.com.Your support is greatly appreciated!

Most likely mod body not working correctly. if you show the body name in the trim area then we can help.

Thanks to your support, but I tried to run my game without any mods and it looks noneffective.

It will still help to show the body that you are trying to use, the name of it.

You can try to verify files in steam.

Does this happen with your other cars? etc

I guess maybe there are something wrong with the game itself.Actually I tried several original bodies(not mod) and installed the Automation for several times in different editions.I also whitelisted the game from the firewall. Can you run your game and export or save your vehicles successfully?

Yep. I can, as can many people.

What operating system are you running? Are your drivers up to date for graphics card?

Windows 10, and my graphics card driver is the newest one.

woohoo!mate!I cleared all the saves and caches and finally I made it in safe mode!woohoo!