What's your favorite thing about your car?

Anything about your ride :slight_smile: share!

Loving what I’ve seeing! Especially the Peugot answers. Very rare here in the States.

I have an 04 Mini Cooper S that even though it’s kind of a shitbox, I love it dearly. Always turn around to look at it. My favorite is similar to the Fit answer in here. It hugs the ground and it makes the speed limit feel like I’m racing down a track.

Hard to say exactly with the Fit. I have mutiple contenders.

The ~2500 lb curb weight and low center of gravity that give it such nimble handling

The very crisp feeling 6 speed manual transmission that gets better with spirited driving

The abundance of cargo space and versatility of cargo I can carry for such a small car

The relative mechanical simplicity and ease/low cost of maintenance


The fact that I always turn around and look at my car after a drive.
Also, the fiery passionate charm of the Alfa Romeo.


For my so far last car - Peugeot 406 Coupe - the overall style and vibe of it. (yes I did use to turn around)
For my current ride, being the bicycle - it’s new and working perfectly, unlike the old bike.


Ive had a few cars I used to turn around and look at after driving, mainly the '92 Toronado…

I will never look at a Honda Fit the same after that wonderful description @SkylineFTW97

And the thing I like about my old ass '01 Gran Prix is that in my area at least, there arent too many of them. So I try to keep mine clean, smogged and tags up to date.


Alfa’s looks so cool. Someone near me has a Spider(I think) that is always an eye catcher.

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Simple, fun, versatile, and cheap maintenance? Soundz like a winner man. I wish mine was cheap and easy. My Mini is sweet, till it breaks… love it to much though.

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I heard the older Minis are easy to fix. At least the R53 and R56 ones.

For a lot of stuff yes, but then a lot of stuff that’s made complex for no reason or still pricey cause it’s a part bin Bimmer

Was helping one of my coworkers try to fix a 2007 Cooper S belonging to his cousin. Had a crank no start and a bunch of lost communication codes. He had him send it to a dealer since we weren’t getting far based on basic electrical troubleshooting and we couldn’t find a decent wiring diagram.

The things I love most about my car are how it interacts with my senses.

Sight: It looks like a base model, but has the SS engine - making it a total sleeper.
Sound: On startup it roars like a lion and on decel it burbles and pops like thunder.
Touch: Since moving to South Carolina the car has been sitting in the sun… but thanks to the basic cloth seats, my back and bum don’t get burned whenever I go for a drive.