Wheel Flares

Is there a way to see what size wheels we can fit when we change the size of the wheel flares ?

Yes! You select a suspension type on the chassis tab and THEN morph the wheelarches, that gives you a tool-tip stating maximum sizes. The game needs the suspensions to calculate that size.

Cheers Killrob, I’m waay used to the old UI. Keep up with the fantastic work and GODSPEED !!!

Sorry Killrob, just tried that, but no tooltip.
BTW, I’m running in borderless window.

That is weird, are you sure? You should get them when you deform them after having selected everything on the chassis tab, see here:

Nope, sorry. Tried most possibilities but no tooltips!

Found it!

You get the tooltips as long as you stay in the chassis tab!
This is a major change from the last version; you had to stay in the first tab.