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When I make my factory for my 1st car in campaign mode, I have 1 trim and it says I will make low profit margins. I'm in 4.1 and I try to fix it but it won't work

Then, when the car comes out, my company (Fort Automotive) loses money and I just ride on loans.

Keep in mind this is set in like, the 1950s when the car comes out and I lose profits.

I try to fix the problem, but it still loses money. Help plz.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

The forecaster is pretty much broken in the current version, as it uses a different sales model than the actual sales. So if it says you’ll make low profits, you might lose money. At least that’s what I understood to be the problem. How did you try to fix it?

I just messed with the price of the car and other profit stuff.

And the worst part? I just got Automation yesterday.

Hm, what’s your difficulty, what’s the kind of car and the factory size? Maybe you just overinvested?

Difficulty: Medium
Factory: Medium
Car: Premium
Starting Money: $600,000,000

And when I singed off the projects it was like $534,000,000