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When there will be 2012-2020 car trims

I know this game is early access it’s still work in progress but where’s 2012-2020 trims just asking

If you mean bodies, they unlock before that to allow time to engineer and sell them in campaign. Most of the bodies that unlock after 2005 are based on 2010+ cars.

I’m not playing champagin but thanks i asked this question because the last trim is from 2011

You can already set your trim years up to 2020, what do you mean by this?

Yes but it still shows up 2011 trim

The body is labeled “2011” because it unlocks in 2011 when you’re playing campaign.

It takes several years to engineer a car; if the game gave you the shape in 2018, you probably won’t have time to engineer anything on it before the game ends. So it gives you those body shapes 10 years in advance, to account for the 5-10 years you would need to use them.