Where are the revs? (And a question about fuel economy)

I recently played the updated version of Automation and I made an engine which, in previous versions of the game, would not have failed due to the max RPM being too high. In fact, in order to rev (with an 86mm stroke) to 8500RPM, the engine required a billet crankshaft, titanium connecting rods, and lightwieght forged pistons. Even after this I still recieved a message telling me that my engine was losing lifespan due to the max RPM being too high. This is not similar to enignes of this day, such as the Honda K20 or Toyota 3S-GE, which achieve the same feats of engine speed without such high end components. Is there going to be plans for the return of the no-fail engine parts of the previous versons of the game?

Also, I am having difficulty getting my fuel economy under 400, a mark that was easy to beat in the older versions of the game. Were the old numbers overly optimistic?

Tried building some engines and got the following “right before it gives you a warning” rev limits.
86mm bore & stroke. Crank doesn’t matter for RPM.

All with titanium conrods to take them out of the equation:
Cast: 6800 RPM
Forged: 8000 RPM
Hypereutectic: 7800 RPM
Low Friction: 7200 RPM
Lightweight Forged: 8600 RPM

With lightweight forged pistons to take pistons out of the equation up to 8600:
Cast: 7000 RPM
Heavy-Duty Cast: 6600 RPM
Forged H-Beam: 7500 RPM
I-Beam Steel: 8000 RPM
Titanium: 8600+ RPM (Not testable like that)

What internals do the engines you are talking about have in stock version? And what are their stock rev limits?
We are trying to make the game more realistic than before, so no more can’t fail parts, no.

Regarding economy: it is measured / averaged at low engine speeds (1500 to 2500 RPM), as you won’t be cruising at 7000 RPM.
A cam profile of around 35 now gives you the most efficient engines. Efficiencies of ~220 g/kWh should be possible.
And yes, the old estimates were a bit optimistic. :slight_smile:

Hi, i also have a question about the new Fuel Economy too, what is the percentage that is in the stat? And also the highest i can get it is about 30%. Is this good or bad?

That percentage is the engine’s efficiency, and it’s high for an NA engine


I was wondering what do those percentages mean. Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

i guess that means my engines have above average fuel efficiency! around 22% lol