Where can i find..?

hello all been scouring the interwebs and steam forums for a answer to this for while now

how can i mod a car body in game to alter its year

for example lets say i like a particular body but using it in 2016 gives the disireability and safety issues, how would one mod the date of the body to counter this?

the 60’s suv its the one im particularly interested in

You edit the lua file of the car body
Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automation\GameData
and search the folder of the car body. Once you find it, look inside the file for the lua file of the body, and open it with notepad, there you can change the year the car is unlocked.

Be aware that if you do that, you might encounter problems if you decide to share the car or if you import another car to your game that use the same body.

To add to what Sillyworld said, you can also copy the folder and rename it (as well as renaming the car in the .lua file) so that it’s a new model, that way it won’t affect any older cars you might have made with that body.

Thanks alot guys helped me a bunch