Where we discuss my many issues

so uh. i guess im doing 2 posts.
g r e a t.
guess im starting with uranus like designs or something.


mk so first some civic thing. a mexican civic to be exact.

Hey bud, the forums aren’t a discord channel. Posts need some form of actual content, not rambling around and constant posting your instant thoughts. Just join the Discord if you want to shit out words constantly, but otherwise I’d stop posting like this, or you might be on a fast track to suspension


I know. But i dont know how to post the pics in one single post. So im sorry for ‘‘acting’’ as if it is.
But im really not trying to. These arent thoughts too. I work hard on these creations.
If you want me gone i understand, get rid of me. But im not trying to piss off anyone. Im just trying to post designs. thats it.

Oh, and about content. Thats what a fucking picture is. If you want any more ‘‘CONTENT’’ of your liking go to youtube or something because if a fucking picture isnt content to you i dont know what is.

I’ve been doing this and im sorry that you dont think so. But just so this stays here for ages to come i will quote it.

What I’m talking about are your singular posts like this of nothing. They can be one post,

This post could’ve been merged with

this post

and the one I’m replying to here.

We also don’t need

to know this, because this isn’t discord. This is a FORUM. It’s not a chat room where you can sperg out your own thoughts onto a post, and waste space with things.

Onto the “Can’t upload Multiple Images” bit, use an image host like Imgur, or upload them to discord and copy the links. I think we’ve told you this before.

My post wasn’t about the images, it was more about how you seem to just stream-of-conciousness onto the forums, when that’s not really part of forum etiquette. Join a discord if you want to stream-of-conciousness to the world, a forums is not a place to do this.


Ok so being an actual mod here, I’m gonna have to ask you to stop with the post spam even if its your own thread. I don’t know how you aren’t able to post multiple pictures in one post. Just upload them one at a time or use imgur like people have told you before. The pictures aren’t even a big deal, but your last thread reads like one side of a discord conversation.

Content goes here, conversation (rhetorical/with yourself and otherwise) should be mostly saved for discord where it makes more sense. If you need help on how to use the forum just ask, or take a look at the pinned posts such as: Automation Forum Rules

If you continue as is though, I’m shutting this down.


Okay, okay, I see your points.
The reason im not able to use imgur is because im stupid-level simple. From now on ill just use MS paint.

Im also sorry for the thought spamming. at first i thought you were just talking about the cars. Im extremely sorry for being aggressive, as i have a terrible habit of jumping to conclusions, I understand what you mean now and im sorry for being ignorant in the past, if you still want me gone then i will leave no questions asked, I tend to not intergrate posts for reasons i dont know why, i only think of it as a habit i usually forget about.

From now on ill just post the car pics and stats using only MS paint, Im sorry for being a bug in the fourm.
If you want me gone still just say the word, and im out.

The only thing im here to do is exactly what it says, post car designs., thats all.

Here, have this. https://streamable.com/xqv1m

thank you so much
i been stuck trying to figure out how to use imgur