Why are my screenshots vanishing and how can I get them back?

So as the title states. I’ve been noticing my screenshots from the screenshots folder have been vanishing as I add more, and I was hoping to know how I could get them back? That is if I can. I’ve decided to ask after slowly noticing photos I was going to use for future posts (specifically the 1985 Frankfurt Motor Show) in case that was slightly useful.

How many do you have btw?

The amount of photos for each vehicle I’ve made in the past 2 months:

2021 Blaire Cahvack: 14
2021 Blaire Borough: 13
2021 Blaire Leo: 16
2021 Blaire LaFette: 16
2021 Blaire Rocky: 19
2021 Taimania Delstor (remake): 11
2021 Taimania Zed Series: 17
2008 Blaire Ace: 9

I have decided to make a second folder for images but I still don’t know how to get the past ones back which if some other models aren’t in here. They’re either being reworked or are in the second folder.

That’s odd, I have more sitting in my screenshot folder and none have deleted.

I dunno. It just feels a bit odd.

If you cleared the cache, the new screenshots will erase the older ones, you need to make a backup everytime you clear the game cachê


I see. I’ll keep that in mind for the future. Thanks!