Why aren't open-wheelers possible?

I don’t mean from a “why aren’t you catering to my needs” kind of way, but I remembered in the modding threads, it was said that open-wheelers are impossible. I was just curious as to what causes that impossibility? Is it an aerodynamic calculation that doesn’t play nice or something?

I don’t think I’m correct, and do fix my mistakes, but from what I’ve read previously from the staff and modders is

  • The Chassis and Suspension are big limiting factors in shaping the car bodies
  • The Wheel size limits, if not set themselves, are taken from the fender, and if there’s no fender, then what?

I may not be 100% correct on these things, though.

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Makes sense. I do wonder if we can just do an “open top” to the design then, and use the side measurements from the fender. Would open up some cool modding options.

Seems like once before there was a body mod that was open wheel with just a fender over the wheel. Would that still be possible?