Will Automation support windows 10?

So whit not so long time to Windows 10 release and im planning on going Windows 10 when it comes out here in july.

But will Automation get support for Windows 10?

Given how the last few OS have been imo it should be supported even if it wasn’t meant for it.
Hell my windows 7 can run whatever it pleases, hell i managed to get old school half life (non source) and old mechwarrior titles running on it without issues.
But yeah, anything past XP/7 does care in my experiance.

Sure Windows 7 is great and all and GTA V runs nice in Windows 7 and all but i havent got 2 GTX 970 i sli and stick to DX11. Only Windows 10 will support DX12 so there is no way around it for me than go Windows 10 and besides all whit a legal Windows 7/8 key can for free upgrade to Windows 10 up to a year after relase and i dont want a dual boot on my pc.

Fair enough, my 770 can handle GTA V too :stuck_out_tongue:
But depending on how windows 10 is i may or may not get it. Anything like 8, Fuck no.

I am currently running Windows 10 Insider Preview and Automation runs more or less fine (along with everything else).