Will my laptop Run automation?

Here are the specs

Intel core i3 11th gen
Intel UHD integrated graphics
8gb ram

Sorry if this has already been answered I just can’t find anything about it.

Ive been out the computer game for a minute, but my laptop is an i5 10th gen…not sure about the ram figure. Mine runs Automation but it crashes a lot. I dont know if thats because of my laptop specs or a game issue. Beamng on the other hand is hit or miss with me. I have to run Beamng on the lowest setting and cross my fingers.

Get something better than an i5 imo…i know i will one day.

Likely going to work fine, but on low graphics settings only.
I’d say try it out and refund it if performance is just too poor. That’s the perfect usecase for the 2h refund policy Steam has :slight_smile:

You can always cloud game if things are truly crap.

I have 4GB RAM, brother
True, my computer is of desktop kind but its bought while ago as work computer not gaming machine

As said, you cant expect super nice graphics, but i guess game is playable