Will player created car packs be in the final game?

You’re giving us the option to export them as mods, but will any of them be in the official game?

Not in the vanilla game, but they might be optional to use in Singleplayer games where you want to compete with a friend’s playthrough in some manner… at least that could be possible. We’ll see! Still so far off and much will change :slight_smile:

Roger. Thanks.

Aren’t some of them already in the game? I mean, not as mods. This was my understanding…if the community and devs liked it, and the creator gave permission, it would be used.

I think you mean car bodies and VosNox meant competition car packs for buyer demographics in sandbox that are coming in the next big update youtube.com/watch?v=WjvDRXEcOV8

Yup, competitor packs are a new thing that will be added in the next update so you have a way to see how good/crappy your cars actually are.

And you are right that some mods have already been added to the vanilla game. A bunch of my earlier things, as well as Partario’s sedan and a few of Felgen’s cars have already been added in the game.

Hopefully Maffc’s cars will be included in the new patch as well.

OIC. I misunderstood the question. :blush: