Will this be like the good ol' Car Tycoon?

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My first post here. So I came here because of watching some videos of the game ‘Car Tycoon’, which was made in 2004. So I checked the website of automation and I must say I’m interested but I have a question. So, you will be able to build cars from scratch but what’s the idea after that? Will you have to sale your models, does it need ads to make them famous, do you need dealerships etc.

Will it be a revolutionary version of the original Car Tycoon?

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Yes you will run an entire car company as explained by the developers “To run A car company with factories, dealerships, research, import and exports in various regions around the world.
Each region has its own unique changing demands, costs and regulations. Including unique taxes, import tariffs and regulations.” You may find the primary topic of what’s in posted at viewtopic.php?f=15&t=137 it might help you get a feel for things. At current the car designing is being developed but car dealerships, production factories, finances, are all in the works. This of Car Tycoon and, to a greater extent I think, Detroit done the way they should have been. :slight_smile:

Sounds great! Are there already trailers of the dealership part etc, I can only find movies of the car designing… Or is everything but the car designing still at the real beginning?

There is nothing more than very first prototypes of these elements of the game, nothing one can show off as it’s probably just numbers for the moment :slight_smile: But keep your eyes open, more info on those aspects will come and jump at you when you least expect it :stuck_out_tongue:

Perfect! Drooling… :slight_smile:

I too had been wondering what we needed to do next after building cars right from the start. After all, there are lots of questions regarding this such as whether we would be able to sell models and all. It seems we are given the luxury to run the whole car company.