Windows 10 (Steam version) Launcher and no-launcher problems

Hi there, after i updated to windows 10 in a fresh, clean install i have some issues in the steam version of automation.

DxDiag.txt (81.9 KB)
GameLog.txt (37.8 KB)

[size=150]Launch with options menu[/size]
Step nº 1
Step nº 2
Step nº 3
I pressed the options button first
Step nº 4
Step nº 5
After closing the options menu, i pressed the play button and reverted to step nº 3, this repeats in an endless cycle.

[size=150]Launch without options menu[/size]
Step nº 1
Step nº 2
At this point the game launches normally but the sound is broken, all i can hear is a loud, high pitched, static and no in-game sound works.

Hope i have posted everything you need to check these issues out.

Thanks for the detailed post and screenshots, it really helps.

Can you try following the steps listed here and see if that fixes the Options Menu errors for you. … 7764048198

I’ll grab my Kraken USB headset from home, and see if that replicates the sound issues for me on my Work 10 machine tomorrow.

Thanks, that fixed the directx errors! i also forgot to mention that razer kraken has issues with win 10 (Razer knows about this and are fixing that), so maybe that’s part of the problem.