Wip 'Greyn' Areonaut

wip car from a drawing I made a while ago, I’ve made another car with a drawing too and it turned out well. I’d encourage drawing first, if you’re making something special!
I thought I would share this so others might be inspired, because my brain isn’t very inspired today.


Should I continue to post updates to this thread? I made a mistake when picking the original thread, instead of sharing I put it in off topic.

You can* move the thread to the correct place by clicking the edit button (little pencil) by the title and then selecting Car Design Sharing from the drop down menu. If not, I can do it for you.


*probably - IDK if that’s locked for basic users or sth like that

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Thank you! It worked!

tips? I don’t like this much and it’s buggy

why though lol

Your fixtures aren’t symmetric and don’t match each other in no. of light bars. If you PM your car file I can show you with a cloned car example of what I mean, otherwise use no more than three bars per fixture cutout and use a single solid light bar over having multiple, different shaded, little bars connected together to simulate a single bar… Then go from there, hahaha!

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making a custom chassis due to a transmission tunnel that didn’t actually need to be there being too wide