Wolfexworks Resort v1

This is @OfficialWolfexWorks company’s resort. Good track, this.

Wolfexworks Resort.zip


Thank you so much!

<3 <-- Anyone for dairy-free ice-cream?

I prefer dairy-full ice-cream. Y’know, frozen yogurt all day. But seeing as I’m a cow, that would be like cannibalism… ish.:shaved_ice::icecream::ice_cream:

I just had a little hot hatch of mine go around here in 2:11.89
Think you could beat that in a hatch?

I’ll see what I can conjure up tonight. Watch this space!

I sent it off for tuning at Hypera and they made it 4 seconds faster.

Oh, you did too. I’ll have to put my skates on…

Anything with more than a suspension better than that of a unicycle, and more than 400hp can beat this car up. Sure, the brakes are phenomenal and it cal pull 1.4g’s but it doesn’t have all that much power.

Personally, a maximum of around 300bhp is what I’d call a hot hatch. Anything higher and the Nando’s heat scale can’t measure it…

EDIT - Assuming it’s front wheel drive, that is.

Alright some stats for you.
2.2l front-transverse mounted crossplane crank v8
forgot the torque
285’s tyres all round
super stiff suspension
+15 quality and carbonfibre/magnesium everything, yo.

Yikes. That’s hot.

Admittedly it did cost 100k+

I’ve broken the 2-minute barrier in my hot hatch.

To be fair, it does have 325/345 tyres.