Woodstock Automobiles, USA

Starting it off with Woodstock’s 1959 lineup, the christened boat we like to call the Lineman Hardtop. Under the large steel hood lies a three hundred cubic inch V8 producing 200 horsepower to the rear wheels. The sports car could go 123 mph, and sprint to 60 mph in eleven seconds.


Not a bad design for the era - actually a good one, in fact - and with 200 net horsepower it would have been a competitive offering performance-wise, although its leisurely acceleration (by today’s standards, at least) makes me think of it as more of an interstate cruiser than a proper sports car.

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Nicely done with the design.

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Actually, a 11 second 0-60 run was exactly what a V8/automatic equipped '59 Chevy was capable of, so I’d say that’s bang on the money for the era.

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Thank you all for replying! Yes, the Lineman’s the kind of car youd see a daily cruise on the interstate with. Big hood scoop signifies the car’s meant for no nonsense.

Next up on the line, Woodstock realized that lower to middle class people wanted a Lineman of their own. Woodstock thought immediately to make a version that was lighter, less comfortable, and less luxurious so that even more people could get their feel of the Lineman. At once, the emerald-shining Greenwich model was made, making Woodstock’s sales grow higher and higher.


And then, the final model of the first generation. A real batmobile! The Greenwich Cabriolette was one of the hottest of automobiles you could get out of Woodstock’s showrooms. With the steelies! haha


well guys, been quite a while.

After a successful run of the first gen Lineman from 1958-1964, the new gen came out, sporting a 230 hp V8 with a leather hardtop. The cheapest V8 model you could get, it was the perfect mix of muscle and luxury - if you could control it.


and THEN there was the 250. a 290 horsepower V8 with some fat tires and even better steelies. how could it get any better?

But does it won Trans-am? :wink:

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